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When I first met Chris, I was very attracted to him. Chris and Gigi Rivera had already been talking about trying anal sex for the first time. Plus, he seemed like a very interesting guy- very cool and matter-of-fact. That appealed to me, because I operate the same way. I pretty much felt like he was a “what you see is what you get” kind of guy. And what I saw, I liked: a lithe, tight little body nestled under layers of winter clothing, and young, boyish good looks (I’ve always been really attracted to that type). He ad that cute  boy haircut and fresh  boy style. He was wearing these sexy little glasses that made him look extremely doable, and soft, light caramel-colored skin that I was already aching to press my lips against…

gigi rivera anal02 600x336 Gigi Rivera first anal experience with her boyfriend

I wanted to share some of our wild experiences, but wasn’t sure which one to pick. Our first time? Or how when I see his long, throbbing cock I always want to lick the long, smooth length of it? Or how he shamelessly gets on all fours for me so I can lap my tongue against his perfect little asshole, or how good he is at giving me anal; never rushing me, going in slow until I actually start begging for it. I’ll push my ass back against his groin with a desperate moan just to get his lengthy shaft further inside me… It just feels so good. Hmmm… [click to continue…]


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Gigi Rivera is an old friend of Hayden Winters. Sometimes thing go really heavy between them…



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I just new it’s gonna be an exciting day when I saw Tegan at the door and wanted to play!
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Gigi found a leaflet for a free massage and decided to try it out. She was greeted by Jack who interviewed her and invited her to strip for the massage. Enjoy the sample below.

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Gigi Rivera is real cutie with a beautiful round ass. She’s been banging the boys in her hood and her boy toy doesn’t seem to enjoy that too much. Now Gigi will have to make amends by seducing her man with her pointy boobs and her sweet juicy slit.. Click here more

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blog so i decided to move back into with my bestfreind tegan summers….so we went to venice lastnight and me and T go into the hash bar and get supper fadded by the time we get out off the hash bar everythings closeing lol and me and teagan and heather are so horny and hungry with munches we decide to go home in stead of shop so after being stuck in tippical la traffic we get home cook food and take turns on my magic wand cause we all had to get up early ill just say after we all got done using was melting…lol…and if you must know the order we went in you duty ppl hehehe me heather then tegan…lol im fadded

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bloggin lol hahaha ok my blog today will be about a tipical dinner date with me and heather starlet… so we went out to CPK and ended up getting the hottest waiter there…threw out the night we giggle at how cute he is and heather joked about pinching his butt…lol we giggle and plot about how she would do it but never got a chance when he would come over…so finally were done and leave i turn around he laughs at me and says have a great night in a weird way i didnt understand till i got out side and found heather on the floor laughing cause she pinched his butt and ran so it looked like me…grr hahaha its on till next dinner

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after I returned from running errands yesterday my throbbing pussy told me to make it happy and it wasn’t going to stop til she had her fill. thinking about how horny i was i couldn’t decide weather or not i wanted to feel the soft caressing skin of a beautiful woman sliding on top of me and kissing me everywhere or or the masculine muscular sweating body of a sexy man filling me up and making me scream….so gigi gets what she wants and she decided the only way to be 100% satisfied was to have the steamy pleasure of both at the same time! soooo sexy to have both telling me how good i feel and beautiful i look! so i think ill have bith tomorrow night!! as of tonight it’s off to bed with my magic wand icon wink Gigi Contemplates Her Next Sexual Encounter

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Hi guys (and girls;-p)), I had a super wild Halloween. It was so crazy, I can’t remember a bunch of it. Me and my buddy Heather Starlet went out to a party at XXXJay’s house. He owns our agency. We were dressed in some sexy Halloween costumes…


129943799.9pSnpOwO.IMG 3328 GIGI Rivera goes to a  Halloween Party…

We were hella blunted out and took a few hits of E. There were a couple guys at the party we were going to take advantage of, but we decided to go home and take advantage of each other!!

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